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The DUTCH Adrenal provides free cortisol patterns that parallel saliva with the addition of metabolite measurements for an improved marker for total cortisol production.

This test is run on LC-MS/MS: the most accurate way to test cortisol and metabolites!

This kit includes:

  • Easy directions and filter paper collection strips

  • Requisition form for patient information, pertinent supplements, medications, hormone replacement and a health questionnaire

  • Sealable return envelope

The results include:

  • Daily free cortisol pattern (4)

  • Daily free cortisone pattern (4)

  • Cortisol metabolites (a-THF, b-THF)

  • Cortisone metabolites (b-THE)

  • DHEAs

For a complete hormone panel including sex hormones and metabolites, please go to the DUTCH Complete.



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