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Ajay Patel

My passion for health and fitness began from a young age as I grew up in London playing a variety of sports such as football, rugby and cricket. My eye then turned to weight training in my early 20’s as I sought to build on my own strength and physique in the gym. My thirst for knowledge led me through endless hours of reading up on health and fitness before eventually deciding to leave a career in finance and achieve my personal trainer certification in 2013.


Since then I have furthered my education with various courses and worked in some of the worlds leading personal training gyms in London and Hong Kong, working with my clients on their strength and conditioning, body composition, pre and post-natal exercise, injury rehab alongside nutritional guidance and lifestyle solutions.

Training in the gym and continuously working to improve my own health and fitness has done so much for me over the years, that it spurs me on to want to do the same for others. Ultimately, I want to end the life-long dieting culture that seems to be the norm around the world. I want to take each individual on a journey of their own, to look and feel so incredible that it exceeds what they ever though was possible for themselves. To see exactly what this journey looks like, I highly recommend you to read my client journey.

Alongside my keen interest in training and nutrition, I've always valued achieving optimal health as a key part of the puzzle, and have acquired a deeper understanding of what enables us to achieve that, adding the approach of Functional Medicine to my skillset. On occasions, when someone appears to be doing everything right in and out of the gym, but still can't seem to lose weight, build strength and muscle, or improve their health to simply feel better, this has proven to be the missing piece of the puzzle, and can reveal the answers to life-long questions about your health and fitness.

I pride myself on the results I get with my clients, to the point where I want it just as much as they do if not more. I believe that every single person has the ability to achieve the body of their dreams, and both physically and mentally feel at their very best, and it’s my mission to make that happen for as many people around the world as possible.

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Functional Health & Performance Coach

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