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A few words from the founder,

AP Personal Training 

AP Personal Training is an online and 1-to-1 coaching service that was created to reach a wider audience of motivated people who are looking for the guidance and support to take action and make progress with their health and fitness goals.


My aim is to help people through their biggest frustrations with not knowing which nutritional plan or exercise regime to follow, and how to implement this in their daily lives alongside, their work, family and social lives. Every individual person is capable of getting into the shape of their dreams. My mission is to show them exactly what's possible, and then to guide them to that possibility every step of the way. I want to set a new gold standard for personal training that goes beyond expectations.


I work with people of all levels of experience from the complete blank-slate beginner to the long-time gym-goer. Whether you just need basic nutritional guidance with a low-level activity plan to get started, or a more detailed nutritional plan with a carefully calculated training programme geared towards a deadline like a holiday, a photo shoot or your wedding, I want to work with you!

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