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Personal Training - Hong Kong

1-to-1 personal training is available for those in Hong Kong who prefer the in-person experience. This is great for those in particular who are new to weight training and need to learn how to train with the correct technique and intensity according to their current level and their goal. In addition, you are supported outside of the gym with what you need to achieve your goal.

  • From your very first 1-to-1 personal training session, we'll briefly discuss your journey ahead so that you fully understand what you need to do to see results right from the very start, and address any potential obstacles that may stand between you and your goal.

  • We'll also take your first body-fat measurements and "before-pictures" to record your starting point, which we'll use to look back on and measure your progress going forwards.

  • To complete your first session, we'll then get out on the gym floor to start your training.

  • With the information I gather from your assessment and initial training session, I will then devise a structured plan to take you from where you currently are to where you want to be.

  • Please note: There is no additional gym membership fee required, as sessions take place in a private PT gym. The only requirement is your PT package.

Training Plan

- Fully customised plans that align with your personal capability, preference, and fitness goal.

- I keep track of your training, and adjust when needed, to ensure long-term progress

Nutrition Plan

- Nutrition & supplement guidance tailored according to your health status and personal goal, in a simple way that you can understand and follow.

- This is tracked, and adjusted when needed, to ensure long-term progress

Lifstyle Solutions

- Taking an all-encompassing approach to your health and wellbeing, we will address any issues with your sleep, digestion, stress management, and any other obstacles that contribute to your success.

Functional Blood Analysis

- Have your plan made even more specific to your needs with Functional Blood Analysis, where your health markers are assessed according to optimal ranges set by more up-to-date Functional Medicine advances.


- Contact support directly with myself throughout your journey.

- Any obstacle that you may come across at any time will always be addressed with solutions for you to overcome them.


Along with the knowledge of what you need to do to achieve your goal, you’ll receive the education to understand WHY your specific plan works for YOU, empowering you to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

Central, Hong Kong

Personal Training Location:

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