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(Hong Kong Only)


Before we begin, I conduct a Functional Assessment of your current health and fitness with my in-depth intake forms, and your Blood Test results (which is optional but highly recommended - we can arrange for this if needed). Along with the information you provide on your goals and circumstances, I then put your plan together, leaving no stone unturned.


However, even the world's greatest plan wont work, without doing the groundwork to maximise your chance of success with it. This is where I follow the process outlined below to guide you on this journey.

A complete client transformation journey follows these 5 phases of step-by-step progression towards the best possible version of YOU.


  • At the very start of any journey of self-development, it's critical to begin with the right mindset to let go of your past, forge your future, and minimise any obstacles along the way. We will first unpack this by addressing 3 key areas of your 'being' that shape your day-to-day life:

  • Identity - You wont get to where you want to be, as the person you are right now.

    • How do you currently see yourself?

    • Who do you want to be as a result of achieving your health goal?

    • How are the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of those two perceptions of yourself different, with regards to food, drink, exercise and lifestyle?

  • Values - Ultimately, we spend our time, money, and energy on the things we value the most, whether directly or indirectly.

    • What do you truly value in your life?​

    • Do your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours align with your true values?

  • Purpose - This refers to the intentions behind your actions.

    • What is your purpose, each day, each week, each year, or even throughout your lifetime?​

    • What do you truly want as a result of your actions?

  • The answers to these questions are not so obvious at the start of your journey, and this is what I will help you to create clarity on, to smooth-out the road ahead.



  • With the clarity we create in Phase 1, it becomes easier to get organised with what you need to do more of, and let go of what you need to do less of. Next we work on finding the right way for you to systemise your daily habits surrounding nutrition, exercise, general activity, and recovery, so that you can maximise the simplicity and efficiency of being consistent in these areas.



  • This is the main part of taking action on your goals, with clarity in your mindset, and the systems in place for you to follow the plan with minimal fuss. There will be a continual need to refine and adapt to the different obstacles that can get in your way during this process, but with the work done so far, education on the key principles obtained along the way, and support from your coach at every step, you are well equipped to overcome whatever you're faced with.



  • It's essential on your journey to reflect and evaluate your experience so far, looking back at how far you've come, but also looking ahead at how to keep going, whether that means to successfully maintain what you have achieved in the long-term, which so many people fail to do, or to continue to raise the bar with your goals and aim higher.



  • The key areas we address at the start inevitably change at different stages of life, including on this transformative journey.

  • Going back to those crucial questions that shaped your mind at the start, how would you answer them now?

The time it takes to go through each phase is completely individual. It takes some people a matter of days or weeks, where others may need months to overcome more deep-routed obstacles. Some people hit the ground running quicker than others, but it's important to remember that your journey is your own and no-one else's. We will be realistic with how long you've been suffering with your health and fitness, and in turn how long the journey ahead may look, in order to set expectations as best we can.

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