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(Hong Kong Only)


A complete client transformation journey follows these 5 phases of step-by-step progression towards the best possible version of YOU.


  • Build your understanding of your own actions that have led you to fall out of shape.

  • Identify health markers to improve on that are relative to your goal

  • Start to build new daily habits that are centred around nutrition, training, and a healthy lifestyle, minimise the thought-process of implementing them, and put your plan on autopilot towards successful results.

  • As for your training, this first phase is when you learn how to train correctly with the right technique, in order for you to build a strong foundation for reaping the maximum reward from your training going forwards.



  • Once we've identified your areas to work on and you have your habits in place to do that, the rest is all about being consistent with those daily habits, meeting each of your weekly targets and working towards your initial health and fitness goal in your specified timeframe.

  • This is the time to minimise the chance of any obstacles getting your way, and “put the blinders on”.

  • Your primary focus is on improving any symptoms of health issues you may have, while progressing with your strength / body composition, which not only ticks the box of getting you looking better, but also of improving your all-round health.

  • Your training should now feel familiar, in the sense that you know exactly what you're doing with each workout and exercise, which then sets you up to be able to push harder for progress at every session.



  • Following this initial phase of improving areas of your health and achieving your weight loss goal, you will have achieved your first transformation checkpoint.

  • It’s the time to reflect on your journey so far, recognising your old habits that you had to let go of, and the new habits that you created to have the biggest impact for you to make this change.

  • From this you can extract new values in your day-to-day life that you want to maintain going forwards, while relaxing some of the previously crucial habits that helped you transform, in order to find balance.



  • After taking a moment to enjoy your new mind, body and lifestyle, it’s time to push on with your transformation by focusing on further improving your strength, physical performance, and muscle mass – which gives you the really eye-catching aspect of your physique.

  • The primary focus now switches from your scale weight and bodyfat level from Phase 2, to achieving your first pull-up, beating your 5km run time or whatever performance goal that you aspire to achieve.



  • You’ve come a long way from when you first started this journey, not knowing what to expect or what would happen along the way. You’ve achieved so many small wins to reach this big winning moment, and overcome obstacles that you never thought would be possible, in order to transform the way you look, think, and feel, all for the far-better.

  • This journey of self-development is now a way of life that you’ve integrated in a way that you can continuously grow, with confidence, enjoyment, and happiness, and even share with your nearest and dearest.

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