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A Functional Blood Anaysis (FBA) looks at the same routine blood panel as used in Conventional Healthcare, but through a much wider lens, to give you a more thorough insight into your state of health, and alert you much sooner of any health risks you may face, in order to get ahead of it and stay healthy through every stage of your future life.

Using Functional Medicine practices, we are able to assess your routine blood panel against more up-to-date reference ranges that target optimal levels of health, as opposed to simply "normal" levels set by the conventional medical system.

Functional Medicine vs Conventional Medicine - Why Is This Different?

Optimal ranges that are used in Functional Medicine are tighter ranges that are based on more up-to-date research, and focus on maximising your quality of living, rather than the normal ranges used in conventional medicine that are more dated, and focus on your proximity to disease based on the average population.

Often, the result of the latter approach leaves you clear of any immediate fatal illness, but potentially with symptoms deemed normal or insignificant by conventional healthcare that still cause you to have daily struggles with your health, such as fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, or indigestion for example.

With the approach of Functional Medicine, your body is assessed as a collection of systems that are finely tuned to work together, and so with the wide variety of symtoms that one may present, a more complete assessment is taken to leave no stone unturned and find the root-cause.

From this, we can make more informed decisions regarding your training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle, and even zoom in to look closer at any particular areas of concern with more advanced lab testing.

This approach significantly raises the standard of not only your fitness training, but your overall health and performance.

Who Should Have the Functional Blood Analysis Done?

This would benefit anyone who really values their health, whether you've been chronically ill and frustrated without proper treatment for years, or you're in good health but are looking to achieve optimal health and performance.

It's recommended for all age groups.

Testing Method: Blood draw in clinic, or via home-visit depending on your location.

*Pricing includes 1x initial and 1x follow-up consultations

(Note: This is included for coaching-client packages)



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