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OMX - Organic Metabolomics

The OMX ™ Organic Metabolomics test reveals what you need to optimise your metabolism, manage your bodyweight more easily, have more energy, and more.

OMX - Organic Metabolomics

The OMX™ Organic Metabolomics test analyses your urine to give a detailed picture of your body's metabolism, helping you to optimise your daily energy, burn fat and carbohydrates more efficiently, and boost your overall health.

It looks at your "metabolites", which are the end products of each metabolic process, and tells us how your body is or isn't using its nutrients.

This goes beyond standard blood tests, which only show what you have floating in your bloodstream, but not how well your nutrients actually enter your cells and essentially get to work for you.

It's a proactive way to understand your body's unique needs, and work towards a healthier you, with targetted nutritional and supplemental intervention.

There are 6 categories that help us to identify your potential health issues early:

  1. Metabolic Processing - How efficiently you make energy from fat & carbohydrates

  2. Amino Acid & Protein Metabolism - Protein sufficiency

  3. Nutrition - B Vitamin levels, Meat & Vegetable intake sufficiency, Sugar intake levels

  4. Stress & Mood - Neurotransmitter levels

  5. Toxic Impacts - Kidney health or toxicity

  6. Microbial Metabolites - Gut bacterial balance

Who Can Benefit from the OMX Metabolomics Test?

This test would benefit anyone wanting to optimise their metabolism and overall health, but can be particularly helpful for many health issues including:

  • Weight-loss resistence

  • Fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Poor Detoxification

  • Poor Gut Health & Indigestion

  • Overall well-being

With the data retrieved from this test, we can further personalise your program to have you feeling more energised during the day, restful at night, mentally positive, and physically fitter than ever.

Testing Method: Urine sample done at home, first thing in the morning.

*Pricing includes 1x initial and 1x follow-up consultations

(Note: This is 25% off for coaching-clients)

Sample Report

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